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DermDx: Hyperpigmented Papules in Axillae

The patient is a 58-year-old woman who is seen for evaluation of an underarm rash first noted several months ago. On occasion, the eruption is pruritic. The patient stopped using antiperspirants because she believed that these may have played a role in causing the rash. The patient has adult-onset diabetes and is currently taking metformin.…

DermDx: Pink Plaques and Crusting Lacerations

A 53-year-old white woman with a history of hypertension, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance-induced mood disorder, borderline personality disorder, alcohol abuse, and amphetamine dependence presents with painful wounds on the bilateral antecubital fossa. She states a recent history of pouring boiled pool water over her arms because she has no running water in her house. She…

DermDx: Flesh-Colored Lesion Above Lip With Year-Long Duration

A 73-year-old man presents for evaluation of a lesion above his lip, of approximately 1 year in duration. The site is traumatized by shaving but is otherwise asymptomatic. Past medical history is positive for actinic keratoses affecting his scalp and hands. Examination reveals a 2-mm flesh-colored papule with an indented center.

DermDx: Scaling Dermatitis on the Scalp, Face of an Infant

A 7-month-old Hispanic female child presents for evaluation of a scaling dermatitis of several weeks in duration that is affecting her scalp and face. She appears to be in good health otherwise and has no palpable lymph nodes or hepatosplenomegaly. Family history is negative for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

DermDx: Frontal Hair Loss in Teen Girl

A Hispanic woman brings her 15-year-old daughter to the office for evaluation of hair loss at the front of her scalp. The condition has been slowly progressing for several months. The girl is otherwise healthy, and her history is negative for thyroid disease. On physical examination, the scalp appears normal. Diffuse thinning of the frontal…

DermDx: Suddent Onset of Erythematous Macules, Small Wheals

A 42-year-old woman presents with a sudden onset of itchy, reddened macules on her trunk. She takes no medications and denies any history of systemic disease. Examination reveals scattered erythematous macules and small wheals located primarily on her trunk. Stroking her skin induces localized erythema and edema.  

DermDx: Flesh-Colored Lesions on an Infant’s Ears

A mother brings in her 13-day-old baby for evaluation of facial lesions. Noted on examination are flesh-colored lesions located in front of both ears. No other facial or body lesions are visible. The baby was carried to term, and the pregnancy was uneventful for the mother.

DermDx: Sudden Appearance of Dermatitis After Streptococcal Throat Infection

The patient is a 16-year-old female who developed a rash 2 weeks ago. The dermatitis appeared suddenly and was preceded 10 days earlier by a streptococcal throat infection. She is otherwise in good health and takes no oral medications. She denies sexual activity. Examination reveals multiple erythematous papulosquamous patches on her trunk and extremities. Her face…

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