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Underlying Etiologies of Cutaneous Flushing


Cutaneous flushing, although common and often benign, may signal a more serious underlying pathology when the presentation extends beyond episodic warmth and redness of the face, head, and neck.

The relative risk for healthcare-associated infections has decreased in the last 15 years due to improvements in awareness of risk associated with devices, infection control, and evidence-based practice regarding use of devices.

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Generic Rosacea Treatment Wins Tentative FDA Approval


The FDA has given tentative approval to Perrigo's ivermectin cream, which is indicated to treat inflammatory lesions of rosacea.

Increased Risk for Incident Rosacea Associated With Obesity in Women


Investigators believe this is the first longitudinal study to observe the risk for incident rosacea and obesity measurements other than body mass index only.

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