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Personalized Medicine in Psoriasis: Patient Stratification Is Key Step Forward


Although truly personalized medicine is not yet feasible in psoriasis treatment, a stratified approach to selection of therapies may offer some of the benefits of personalized medicine.

The relative risk for healthcare-associated infections has decreased in the last 15 years due to improvements in awareness of risk associated with devices, infection control, and evidence-based practice regarding use of devices.

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Glucocorticoid Cumulative Dose Has No Effect on BMD, Fracture Risk in Psoriasis, PsA

By June 18, 2018

The objective of this cross-sectional analysis was to evaluate the prevalence of osteoporosis and frequency of fractures in patients with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.


Many Psoriasis Patients Have Not Achieved Clear Skin, Despite Its Possibility

By June 15, 2018

Participants who did not have clear/almost clear skin reported that achieving clear/almost clear skin would open new possibilities, such as swimming, trying on new clothes, and meeting new people.


Adalimumab Associated With Reduced Inflammation in Psoriasis

By June 15, 2018

Larger studies with more detailed phenotyping of vascular disease are warranted to evaluate the comparative differences in the effects of adalimumab and phototherapy that were observed in the current study.


Baseline Characteristics Associated With Response to Biologic Therapy in PsA

By June 13, 2018

Researchers sought to compare baseline characteristics between patients with PsA who achieved and did not achieve minimal disease activity with biologic therapy.


No Increased Risk for Liver Cirrhosis With Long-Term Methotrexate Use for Psoriasis

By June 11, 2018

Real-world data have demonstrated no rise in the development of incident liver cirrhosis among patients with psoriasis and either CHB or CHC who have received long-term MTX therapy.


Apremilast Combination Therapy Helps Maintain Therapeutic Response in Psoriasis

By June 07, 2018

The use of apremilast in combination with biologic or systemic agents has been recommended for disease control in those patients with challenging psoriasis that cannot be controlled with the use of a single agent alone.


New Biologic Treatment Option Approved for Patients With Plaque Psoriasis

June 04, 2018

The expanded approval was supported by findings from a Phase 3 clinical program (CIMPASI-1, CIMPASI-2, and CIMPACT), which enrolled ~1000 patients who were biologic-naive or biologic-experienced.


Guselkumab Linked to Improvement in Anxiety, Depression Symptoms in Psoriasis

By June 01, 2018

At week 16, a significantly greater proportion of participants in the guselkumab group with baseline Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale A (HADS-A) or HADS-D ≥8 scored HADS-A <8 or HADS-D <8 compared with participants in the placebo group.


Certolizumab Looks Promising for Moderate to Severe Psoriasis

May 30, 2018

Twice-weekly certolizumab biologic appears to be both safe and effective for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis.


Are Biologic Therapies for Psoriasis Associated With Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Events?

By May 24, 2018

Investigators sought to determine the risk for MI following hospital-diagnosed psoriasis compared with that in the general population in the eras preceding and following the introduction of biologic therapy.

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