Psoriasis Feature Archive

Managing Infection Risk in Psoriasis: Expert Q&A


More research is needed to better understand the pathophysiologic mechanisms that result in increased risk for infection among individuals with psoriasis.

Addressing Cardiovascular Risks in Psoriasis: Guidance for Clinical Practice


Psoriasis is often comorbid with cardiovascular disorders and tends to have a dose-response relationship with its metabolic comorbidities.

Personalized Medicine in Psoriasis: Patient Stratification Is Key Step Forward


Although truly personalized medicine is not yet feasible in psoriasis treatment, a stratified approach to selection of therapies may offer some of the benefits of personalized medicine.

Stress and Psoriasis: What Is the Connection?


As patients commonly cite stress as a precipitating or exacerbating factor for psoriasis, relieving psychological distress should be part of the treatment strategy.

Psoriasis Treatments: Current and Emerging Medications

By Eman Bahrani, BA; Maura Holcomb, MD

A number of therapeutic options exist for patients with psoriasis, including phototherapy and systemic and biologic agents.

Coal Tar for Psoriasis: Alternative Treatment Update


Coal tar is one of the oldest known treatments for psoriasis, as it reduces scaling, itching, and inflammation.

Assessing Disease Aspects in Psoriatic Arthritis


Effective treatment of PsA requires adequate assessment of the disease.

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