Sustained Joint and Skin Improvement Found With Bimekizumab in Psoriatic Arthritis

Christopher T. Ritchlin, MD, MPH, discusses updated bimekizumab data from the BE-ACTIVE trial.

Uber Health Transports Patients to Medical Appointments

Uber has launched a HIPAA compliant, ride-hailing system allowing doctor's offices and hospitals to book and schedule (up to 30 days in advance) rides for patients.

Educating Hairstylists on Melanoma and Skin Lesion Detection

Hairstylists are able to screen the scalp and neck of a large portion of the general public, making them useful for detecting abnormal skin lesions.

Safe Tattooing Practices for Patients With Chronic Skin Conditions

By Compiled by Anna Olechowska

Patients with chronic skin conditions may wish to be tattooed for various reasons. As the physician, it's your job to educate and inform the patient of the risk/benefits and make recommendations based on their medical history.

How to Contain Melanoma From Spreading After Mole Removal

Many suspicious moles removed require further surgery because cancerous mole cells were missed during the initial removal, and the second procedures increase the risk of infection, bleeding, and scarring.

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