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FDA: Cases of Rare Gangrene of Genital Area Tied to Diabetes Drug Class

By September 10, 2018

The infection developed within several months of the patients starting SGLT2 therapy and the drug was discontinued in most cases. All patients required surgery and there was 1 reported death.


Risk for Surgical Site Infection Increased In Lower Extremity Mohs Surgery, Wide Local Excisions

By September 06, 2018

Because of their link to lower infection rates, subcuticular or vertical mattress sutures may be preferred when closing wounds in patients who are undergoing dermatologic surgery.


Iclaprim Gets Priority Review for Acute Bacterial Skin/Skin Structure Infections

By August 23, 2018

Clinical data has indicated that the drug exhibits a low propensity for resistance development as well as a favorable tolerability profile.


Omadacycline Gets FDA Committee Nod for Skin Infections, Pneumonia

By August 14, 2018

The Committee's recommendation was based on data from the omadacycline global development program that included nearly 2000 adults in three Phase 3 studies.


Dog's Saliva Caused Bacterial Infection Leading to Amputations

August 09, 2018

A Wisconsin man had his lower legs and hands amputated after developing a rare blood infection caused by bacteria in dog saliva.


Several Invasive Procedures Linked to Infective Endocarditis

August 08, 2018

Several invasive medical procedures, including cardiovascular procedures and procedures of the skin and management of wounds, are associated with increased risk of infective endocarditis.


Increasing Incidence of Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome in the United States

By July 30, 2018

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome is associated with substantial patient morbidity and costs.


Fish Pedicure Causes Woman to Lose Toenails

July 17, 2018

A woman lost several toenails after a fish pedicure.


Penicillin Allergy Linked to MRSA, C. Difficile Risk

July 05, 2018

There is a correlation for documented penicillin allergy with increased risk of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile.


NDA Submitted for Novel, Targeted Antibiotic Iclaprim

By June 20, 2018

The NDA includes safety and efficacy data from two Phase 3 trials (REVIVE-1 and REVIVE-2; N=1190) which compared intravenous iclaprim to standard-of-care vancomycin in patients with ABSSSI.


CDC: Invasive MRSA More Likely Among Injection Drug Users

June 18, 2018

Injection drug users are more than 16-fold more likely to develop invasive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections.


Higher Groin C Avidum Colonization in Obese Patients After Hip Arthroplasty

By Zahra Masoud June 04, 2018

Researchers assessed the incidence of Cutibacterium avidum infection in patients following primary hip arthroplasty.


CDC: Administration Errors Reported With New Shingles Vaccine

By May 31, 2018

Between October 20, 2017 and February 20, 2018, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 155 reports involving RZV, with 13 (8%) involving an administrative error.


Microneedling Plus Bleomycin Spraying Superior for Plantar Wart Treatment

By May 21, 2018

Microneedling combined with bleomycin was associated with higher clearance rates and was less painful than the use of intralesional bleomycin injections.


Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Causes, Treatment Investigated

By May 17, 2018

The multicenter retrospective study (N=377) was conducted to investigate the causes, treatment protocols, and mortality rates of US adults with SJS/TEN.


Omadacycline Granted Priority Review for CABP, Skin/Skin Structure Infections

By April 10, 2018

Omadacycline is an investigational, once-daily, broad-spectrum aminomethylcycline antibiotic that is related to tetracyclines.


Herpes Zoster in Healthy Children Linked to Varicella-Zoster Vaccination

By April 10, 2018

Each of the 7 children received varicella zoster vaccination between 12 and 14 months of age.


Adjunctive Antibiotic Therapy Yields Modest Benefit in Uncomplicated Skin Abscesses

By March 28, 2018

Trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole or clindamycin confer a modest benefit for several important outcomes, but this is offset by a similar risk for adverse effects.


Comparing Azithromycin Dosing for Yaws Treatment

By March 22, 2018

Researchers evaluate low-dose vs standard-dose azithromycin in achieving clinical and serological cure in yaws.


Early Dermatologic Consultation in Presumed Cellulitis May Improve Outcomes

By March 16, 2018

The mean number of antibiotics used in the control group was significantly higher than the number used in the intervention group.


Topical Antifungal Approved for Use in Pediatric Patients

By March 06, 2018

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Luzu Cream, 1% for the treatment of pediatric patients ≥12 years of age.


Scabies Infection Associated With Increased Psoriasis Risk

By March 05, 2018

The researchers suspected that the immunopathology involving the T-helper 17 cell-mediated inflammatory pathway might be responsible for this association.


Genital Lesions Prevalent Among Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

By March 01, 2018

Although 92.5% of the patients evaluated during era 2 denied the presence of genital lesions, 44.2% ultimately had genital lesions detected on examination.


Herpes Zoster Vaccine Administration: New ACIP Recommendations

By February 27, 2018

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has updated its recommendations on the use of herpes zoster vaccines.


Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Common in Teens, Adults

February 12, 2018

A data brief from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the prevalence of HSV-1 and HSV-2 antibodies among Americans using data from the 2015 to 2016 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.


Delafloxacin Oral and IV Therapy Now Available for Acute Bacterial Skin Infections

By February 06, 2018

Baxdela, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, was initially approved by the FDA in June 2017.


Pediatric Mycobacterium abscessus Infection Effectively Treated With Clofazimine

By January 31, 2018

Clofazimine may be a safe and effective part of a surgical and multidrug regimen for treating children with Mycobacterium abscessus odontogenic osteomyelitis.


Adjuvant Herpes Zoster Subunit Vaccine More Cost-Effective Than Live Attenuated Vaccine

By January 30, 2018

The new adjuvant herpes zoster subunit vaccine would cost less and offer good value compared with the current live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine.


Treatment of Gram-Positive Acute Bacterial Skin Infection With Iclaprim Similar to Vancomycin

By January 29, 2018

Iclaprim may serve as an alternative treatment option for treatment of acute bacterial skin infections caused by gram-positive pathogens, including drug-resistant bacteria.


Dermatologists Should Be Aware of Herpes Zoster Risk Factors

By January 09, 2018

Women face an especially high risk for developing herpes zoster compared with men.


FDA Approves New Impetigo Treatment

By December 20, 2017

Ozenoxacin, a quinolone antimicrobial drug, works by inhibiting the bacterial DNA replication enzymes, DNA gyrase A and topoisomerase IV.


Omadacycline Effective for Acute Bacterial Skin Infection Irrespective of BMI or Diabetes

By November 20, 2017

Intravenous omadacycline and once-per-day oral omadacycline have efficacy and tolerability profiles similar to those of IV and oral linezolid in overweight/obese patients with diabetes and acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection.


Dalbavancin Effective for Treatment of Acute Bacterial Skin Infections in SIRS

By November 16, 2017

Although treating acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome can be challenging, dalbavancin is approved by the FDA as an effective treatment.


Refractory Pityriasis Versicolor Treated With Narrow-Band UV-B Phototherapy

By November 14, 2017

Narrow-band UV-B phototherapy resulted in statistically significant reductions in clinical scores from weeks 4 through 16.


Treatment for Acute Bacterial Skin Infection May Reduce Hospital Stay

By November 14, 2017

The median infection-related length of stay for patients treated with ceftaroline fosamil was significantly lower than patients receiving vancomycine; ceftaroline fosamil was also associated with shorter infection-related length of hospital stay even after adjusting for the type of ABSSSI, among other factors


FDA Approves Letermovir for CMV Prophylaxis in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

By November 14, 2017

The FDA has approved letermovir tablets and IV injections for prophylaxis CMV infection.


Topical Antifungal Agents Reduce Toenail Onychomycosis Recurrence

By November 13, 2017

Patients with a family history of fungal infections should be closely monitored for recurrence.


Dalbavancin Safe for Acute Bacterial Skin Infection Treatment in Diabetes

By November 13, 2017

Patients with and without diabetes and acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections experience similar rates of clinical response when treated with dalbavancin.


Factors Affecting Treatment Decisions for Acute Bacterial Skin Infections

By November 10, 2017

Choosing between intravenous vs oral antibiotic therapy as well as whether to admit or discharge a patient are 2 common treatment-related decisions emergency medicine providers must make when treating patients with an acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection.


Dalbavancin, Oritavancin Reduce Hospitalization for Skin Infections, But Remain Costly

By November 09, 2017

Dalbavancin and oritavancin may reduce the length of hospital stay in patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, but the high cost of treatments offset the potential cost savings from preventing complications and reduced hospital length of stay.


Recurrent Cellulitis Incidence Reduced With Intramuscular Benzathine Penicillin

By November 08, 2017

In patients with recurrent cellulitis, intramuscular injection of 2.4 million units of benzathine penicillin every 4 weeks reduced the incidence of recurrence.


Dalbavancin Safe, Effective for Obese Patients With Acute Bacterial Skin Infections

By November 07, 2017

Researchers evaluated the safety and efficacy of intravenous dalbavancin in 698 patients with ABSSSI, including major abscess, cellulitis, and traumatic wound or surgical site infection with an area of erythema


Acute Bacterial Skin Infection Pain, Lesion Size Reduced With Delafloxacin

By November 06, 2017

Complete resolution of clinical signs and symptoms were comparable in the delafloxacin and vancomycin/aztreonam groups at the end of treatment, at follow-up, and a late follow-up.


Shingrix Recommended First-Line Vaccination for Herpes Zoster

October 30, 2017

A new study reports that Shingrix protected about 90% of patients, but Zostavax protected only 50% of patients.


Comparing Vancomycin Treatment Regimens for MRSA

By October 24, 2017

Administration of vancomycin via continuous infusion decreased risk of adverse events compared to administration via intermittent infusion.


Squaric Acid Dibutylester Superior Treatment for Cutaneous Warts

By October 20, 2017

The treatment successfully reduced the number and size of warts that had previously not responded to therapy.


Oral Isotretinoin Superior to Topical Treatment for Warts

October 02, 2017

Oral treatment shows a better response than topical isotretinoin for treating plane warts.


Needling vs Nonsurgical Debridement in Plantar Verrucae: Which is Best?

By September 25, 2017

For patients with plantar verrucae, no evidence was found to show that needling increases clearance rates or is more cost effective than callus debridement.


Prophylactic Antibiotics May Be Best Bet for Preventing Cellulitis Recurrence

By September 14, 2017

Antibiotic prophylaxis may be the best preventive treatment against recurrent cellulitis and erysipelas in patients who have had at least 2 episodes in 3 years.


Common Warts Effectively Treated With Candida Antigen

August 29, 2017

Candida antigen is an effective and safe treatment for common warts.


Herpes Zoster Vaccine Rates Improved With Tracking System

By Lauren Biscaldi August 02, 2017

The herpes zoster vaccine rates improved with the electronic notification system.


Short-Term Outcomes of Drainable Abscesses Improved by Antibiotics

By August 01, 2017

Patients with a simple abscess who received clindamycin or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) in addition to incision and drainage had improved short-term outcomes.


No Evidence Found of Adjunctive Clindamycin Improving Cellulitis

By August 01, 2017

The use of adjunctive clindamycin with flucloxacillin resulted in no benefits in patients with limb cellulitis over flucloxacillin alone, and a 2-fold greater likelihood of diarrhea.


New Intravenous, Oral Antibiotic Approved for Skin Infections, Including MRSA

By August 01, 2017

The FDA has approved delafloxacin (Baxdela™, Melinta Therapeutics), a new antibacterial drug to treat acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, including MRSA.


Erysipelas Treatment Improved by New Penicillin G Dosing Schedule

By August 01, 2017

BPG given intramuscularly once every 3 weeks proved to be an effective and well tolerated prophylactic treatment for recurrent erysipelas.

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