Topical Skin Care and Pulsed Light Therapy Reduced Facial Redness in Rosacea

Rosacea on cheek
Rosacea on cheek
Researchers evaluated the effectiveness and tolerability of combining a topical skin care regimen with a single intense pulsed light therapy session to treat mild to severe facial redness in patients with rosacea.

A topical skin care regimen (TSCR) consisting of a 3-in-1 facial cream and mineral-based brush-on SPF50 powder combined with a single treatment of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy may be helpful for improving overall facial redness at 18 weeks in patients with rosacea, according to findings from a new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I‐III and mild to severe facial redness resulting from erythrotelangiectatic rosacea were enrolled. For 12 weeks, patients were treated with TSCR monotherapy. At 12 weeks of treatment, patients then received a single IPL treatment session and continued to receive a TSCR for another 6 weeks. Investigators graded facial redness as 2 through 6 on the 7‐point Clinician Erythema Assessment Scale and assessed patients at baseline and then at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 18 weeks.

A significant reduction from baseline to 18-week follow-up was observed in overall mean redness score (3.05 ± 0.97 to 2.05 ± 0.76, respectively; P <.01). Patients with investigator‐rated erythema experienced a nonsignificant reduction from baseline to 12-week follow-up before IPL (P =.12). Approximately 80% of patients reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with the TSCR at 18 weeks, and 100% of patients reported subjective improvements in baseline skin redness. At week 12, the majority (85%) said they would recommend the regimen to others with a similar condition.

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Limitations of the study include its small sample size, open-label design, and the lack of a randomized control group.

“While most subjects felt self‐conscious about their appearance prior to the application of the skin care products,” the researchers added, “most felt less self‐conscious after product application.”

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