577-nm Pro-Yellow Laser Is Safe, Effective for Vascular Skin Disorders

Investigators assessed the efficacy of a 577-nm pro-yellow laser to treat port-wine stain birthmarks, papulopustular rosacea, facial telangiectasia, and facial erythema.

Just 1 pass of a 577-nm pro-yellow laser is effective and safe for the treatment of facial port‐wine stains, rosacea, telangiectasia, and erythema, with the greatest efficacy shown in facial erythema, with fewer sessions, according to the results from a small study which were published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

The study included a total of 95 patients with facial vascular skin disorders, including port‐wine stain (n=37), facial telangiectasia (n=16), papulopustular rosacea (n=20), and facial erythema (n=22). At 1-month intervals, the patients underwent treatment consisting of a single pass of a 577-nm pro-yellow laser. Photographs at baseline and one month after the last treatment were compared to assess improvements. The ratings for improvement included excellent (75% to 100%), very good (50% to 74%), good (25% to 49%), and poor (<25%).

There were >50% improvements in groups treated for port‐wine stain (64.82%), rosacea (60%), facial telangiectasia (62.5%), and facial erythema (86.3%). The number of sessions needed to reach these improvements in port‐wine stain, rosacea, facial telangiectasia, and facial erythema were 7.76±2.28, 3.1±1.8, 3.63±1.12, and 1.8±0.85, respectively. Poor response was observed in only 16.2% of port‐wine stain, 10% of rosacea, and 12.5% of facial telangiectasia. The only complications reported during and after treatment were short-term irritation and erythema.

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Study limitations include the small sample size and its monocentric inclusion design.

“The higher success rate in this study may be due to high fluence used as most of the patients were fair skin[ned], while in our study, most of our patients are dark skin[ned] and low fluence was used,” the researchers added.

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Mohamed EM, Mohamed Tawfik K, Hassan Ahmad W. Successful treatment of facial vascular skin diseases with a 577-nm pro-yellow laser [published online April 29, 2019]. J Cosmet Dermatol. doi:10.1111/jocd.12963