Natural Ingredient-Based Moisturizer Comparable to Oatmeal-Based Product for Very Dry Skin

Dry hands
Dry hands
All participants used the natural ingredient-based moisturizing cream and oatmeal-containing cream on randomly assigned legs twice daily for 3 weeks.

The use of a natural ingredient–based moisturizing cream for the treatment of very dry skin delivers benefits comparable to those seen with a colloidal oatmeal–containing benchmark product, according to study results published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

a total of 32 participants completed the study. Following a 5-day washout period, all participants used the natural ingredient–based moisturizing cream and oatmeal-containing cream on randomly assigned legs twice daily for 3 weeks. For the next 2 weeks, the participants did not use any moisturizer on their legs for the following 2 weeks.

Skin moisture assessments demonstrated a statistically significant increase in hydration with both products at all time points during the treatment phase of the study (18.26.1 arbitrary units [AU] with the test product vs 19.3±6.8 AU with the benchmark product; P =.083). Moreover, both moisturizing products decreased transepidermal water loss measurements during the treatment phase of the study (mean, 3.8±1.4 g x m2 x h1 vs
3.8±1.4 g x m2 x h1, respectively; P =.977), thus demonstrating their ability to improve stratum corneum barrier function.

Per clinical assessment, both moisturizers significantly reduced visual dryness (median, 2.75 vs 3, respectively; P =.649) and tactile roughness (2.5 vs 2.5, respectively; P =.646) during the treatment phase. Improvements in clinical parameters evaluated persisted even after treatment cessation.

The investigators concluded that no significant difference was found overall between the 2 products tested over the course of the study. Both moisturizers were associated with significant improvements in stratum corneum hydration and barrier function, which persisted during regression.

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