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These smart shoes can alert friends, family and caregivers of a loved one who has fallen over. They are embedded with Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication, GPS and movement sensors. If the wearer suffers a fall, the shoe will vibrate and give them time to cancel the alarm, if they don’t, a signal is sent to the chosen network of people; giving them the precise location of the wearer. The shoes come in 26 different casual shoe styles with work and hiking boots also available.

Looxid VR

This virtual reality headset has a built in electroencephalogram and eye tracking recorder. The idea is to use virtual reality to capture emotional responses to user experiences. In the research field the headset could be utilized to discover new treatment options for a range of disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder through EEG Biofeedback, a method for individuals to train their brain and subsequently their behavior.

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Reliefband 2.0

FDA-cleared, Reliefband attaches to the wrist to stop nausea and vomiting. Initially used in hospitals, the device is now available to consumers to treat symptoms of motion sickness. It works by sending signal pulses at the wrist of the wearer which travel to the body’s nervous system and ‘turns off’ feelings of nausea. 

Belun Ring

This ring device allows the user to pre-screen for obstructive sleep apnea by themselves, by measuring overnight oximetry, heart rate, mental stress and motion during sleep. Authorized individuals such as healthcare providers can also review data from the ring.


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