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This device works in tandem with an app to monitor heart rate variability in real time. Adhesive electrode pads attach to the chest and allow the user to view info on their cell phone instantly. The constant tracking enables the early diagnosis of serious conditions and recommends when a user should see a doctor. The battery life lasts for 7 days. The device can be ordered online now.

Keen by HabitAware

Worn on the wrist, this wearable is actually used to stop compulsive behaviors. The watch can detect with precision through hand and arm movement which compulsion the user wants to stop, such as hair pulling, face scratching or nail biting. A vibration is emitted by the wearable when the user partakes in the particular behavior they wish to stop. The app provides various suggestions for alternatives which over time may help the user change their habit. The device is available now.

Sensio Air

The Sensio Air monitor is placed in the home to monitor air quality. Designed for asthma and allergy sufferers, the user can log their symptoms into the accompanying app and receive personalized reports on what their triggers are. As well as allowing the user to track airborne allergens in their homes, through the Sensio network, users can track allergens and pollutants in 210 cities worldwide. 

This article originally appeared on MPR