Aclaris Therapeutics announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Eskata (hydrogen peroxide) topical solution for the treatment of raised seborrheic keratoses. 

Eskata is a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide-based topical solution intended for application in office by a healthcare provider. The pen-like applicator allows for a direct treatment application. 

The FDA approval was supported by 2 Phase 3 studies that demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Eskata for the treatment of raised seborrheic keratoses. Study patients received up to 2 treatments with Eskata—1 at the start of study and 1 at Week 3.

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Those treated with Eskata were more likely to have all 4 treated seborrheic keratoses completely cleared after 2 treatments vs patients who received placebo. Eskata was generally well tolerated; itching, stinging, crusting, swelling, redness, and scaling at the site of application were the most common adverse effects.

Eskata will be available as a 40% (w/w) topical solution in 1.5mL and 2.2mL fill volume applicators in 1-, 3-, and 12-count cartons. It is anticipated to launch in the spring of 2018. Pre-ordering will be possible 2 weeks prior to product launch. 

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