Ceramide-Containing Cleanser, Salicylic Acid Cream Help Improve Dry, Flaking Skin

dry flaky skin
dry flaky skin
CeraVe products containing salicylic acid may significantly improve dry, flaky, or scaly skin conditions.

The daily use of a ceramide-containing cleanser and cream that also contains salicylic acid has been shown to improve skin conditions significantly in individuals with dry, flaking, and/or scaling skin. A cohort study of adults with mild to moderate dry skin conditions was conducted at 4 dermatology centers in Canada, with results published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

Between November 2017 and May 2018, a total of 35 adults (18 men, 17 women) with mild to moderate dry skin conditions were recruited to the multicenter cohort. Participants received treatment with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar (HCB) and CeraVe Renewing SA (CSA) cream. All participants were treated with the ceramide-containing cleanser and cream, which also contained salicylic acid. Ceramides are known to be key physiologic lipids required for construction and maintenance of the epidermal barrier of the skin.

The primary outcome of the study was the physician’s and participant’s evaluation of the participant’s skin condition by comparing baseline (day 0) with day 28±5 days using the Dry Skin Classification Scale and the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale. Secondary study outcomes were participant satisfaction with use of the treatment regimen and product features using a 5-point Likert scale (1=strongly agree and 5=strongly disagree). Tolerability, safety, and quality-of-life aspects were also evaluated.

A total of 34 individuals completed the study, with 1 participant lost to follow-up. One body area (ie, torso, back or front, left or right arm, or left or right leg) could be chosen to be treated with the cleansing bar and CSA cream. The selection of body location was made by the participant in agreement with the physician who conducted the study. After cleansing using the bar, CSA cream was applied to the affected area twice-daily.

Daily use of the cleanser and CSA cream improved the skin condition significantly in participants with dry, flaking, and/or scaling skin when day 0 was compared with day 28. Per the ratings of both the physicians and the participants, significant improvements in skin condition were noted in the Dry Skin Classification Scale and the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (P <.05 for both). Moreover, participants indicated that the treatment improved their skin condition significantly by reducing the negative impact on their professional life, as well as on their self-image and social life (P <.05 for all). Use of the product proved to be safe, well tolerated, and comfortable.  

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A major limitation of the current study that it presented a description of practice and did not include a comparator or control group. Thus, no cause and effect associations could be inferred. The investigators concluded that future studies are warranted to draw any conclusions about the evaluated products on possible underlying disease among the participants.

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