According to a prospective case-control study cited in a letter published in Dermatologic Therapy.

Investigators separated 90 adults with lichen planus into 3 groups: those treated with systemic corticosteroids for 3 months (prednisolone 0.5 mg/kg/day), those treated with systemic antioxidants (1 selenium-ACE tablet once daily) for 3 months, and those treated with low-dose systemic corticosteroids (10 mg once daily) and antioxidants (1 selenium-ACE tablet once daily) for 3 months. Investigators collected blood samples at baseline and treatment end and used ELISA to determine the total oxidative capacity (TOC) levels. To compare the 3 treatments with each other, investigators quantified the average number of lesions before and after treatment and used the Visual Analog Scale score to measure disease severity.

All 3 groups of patients showed a statistically significant different in TOC levels before and after treatment. All 3 groups also showed a decrease in the number of lesions before and after treatment; however, patients treated with systemic corticosteroids had a 92.5% improvement, patients treated with antioxidants had an 18.76% improvement, and patients treated with low-dose corticosteroids plus antioxidants had a 91.3% improvement.

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“It can be concluded that the usage of low-dose topical corticosteroids combined with antioxidants have a potential role in treatment of LP,” the letter’s authors wrote.


Hassan Mohammed M, Abd-ElRaheem TA, Shaker OG, Mousa RM. Combination of low dose corticosteroids and antioxidants in treatment of cutaneous lichen planus. Dermatol Ther. Published online December 14, 2021. doi:10.1111/dth.15265