Menthoxypropanediol Provides Itch Relief in Atopic Dermatitis

Woman itching arm.
Woman itching arm.
The participants were administered a skin care formulation containing menthoxypropanediol.

A recent study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology identified menthoxypropanediol, a transient receptor potential melastatin-8 (TRPM8) agonist, to be an effective anti-itch agent for atopic dermatitis. 

The study design included 22 participants (2 males and 20 females) diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (with itching sensation and without eczema flare). The participants were administered a skin care formulation containing menthoxypropanediol. The DPS tool, post-application of the skin care formulation, showed favorable modification (i.e. 0, 53%, 70%, 90%, 95%, and 97% favorable participants report) of pruritus over time (i.e. before application and at 2, 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes, respectively). 

The itch intensity, measured by the visual analog scale, post-application of the skin formulation containing menthoxypropanediol, decreased (i.e. 3.8 [± 2.7], 3.1 [±2.8], 2.5 [±2.5], 1.6 [±2.0] and 0.8 [±1.3]) over various time points (i.e. 2, 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes, respectively, P =.05). The following percentages of participants experienced itching crisis within the 7-day timeframe: experienced 1 episode (100%), experienced 2 episodes (95.5%), experienced 3 episodes (90.9%), experienced 4 episodes (54.5%); and experienced 5 episodes (13.6%). Side effects noted included prickling (n=9), sensations of cold (n=4), burning sensation (n=1), increased pruritus (n=2), and erythema (n=4). A study limitation was the lack of a vehicle-only control. 

Taken together, these findings support that menthoxypropanediol decreases itching associated with atopic dermatitis.

This work was supported by Beiersdorf AG.  Disclosed conflicts of interest include Beiersdorf, Naos (Bioderma), Expanscience, Johnson&Johnson, Pierre Fabre, Roche-Posay, Sanofi, Uriage, and Complife.

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Misery L, Santerre A, Batardiere A, et al.  Real-life study of anti-itching effects of a cream containing menthoxypropanediol, a TRPM8 agonist, in atopic dermatitis patients [published online August 1, 2018].  J Euro Acad Derm Venereo. doi: 10.1111/jdv.15199