Reducing Pain and Discomfort During Cosmetic Injections

DR. MUDGIL:  One of the concerns with any injectable, whether it’s filler or Botox, is pain. I mean, these are needles. So, a lot of my patients are afraid of needles, particularly with the guys out there. The women are a lot tougher than the guys. The needle itself is scary for a lot of my patients. So things that we do to kind of reduce the pain or discomfort, while we’re injecting things like Botox or filler — there a couple of strategies that we use. One is you can actually ice the area before you inject, and that blunts the nerve sensitivity. For a lot of my patients, that alone really reduces any of the discomfort, or at least some of the discomfort associated with injections. 

Using a finer needle: I started doing Botox when I was a resident 15 years ago. We would use a 30 gauge needle to inject Botox, which is pretty small. But when you’re injecting a bunch of areas on the face, it adds up. As the years have gone on, I’ve been using finer and finer needles. And now, you’ve got 15 years since I first started using Botox. I use a 32 gauge needle, which is a really, really tiny needle. It almost feels just like a little pinch. It really reduces a lot of the discomfort that my patients have.

Another technique is using a vibrating device when you’re injecting. And that vibration actually tricks the pain nerves a little bit, and it kind of tricks you into not really feeling the needle. And that’s something I use for Botox or for filler and also when I do PRP injections, which are multiple injections in the scalp, frequently. That really helps my patients get through the procedure a lot easier. So, those are some strategies that have worked for me. And I think if you implement them in your practice, your patients will thank you.