Antiaging Moisturizer Before, After Microneedling May Help Improve Post-Procedure Healing

woman applying cream to face
woman applying cream to face
It is unclear whether the positive skin changes are a result of the combination therapy or microneedling alone.

Using a multi-ingredient antiaging facial moisturizer before and after radiofrequency microneedling is associated with significant improvements in skin attributes, such as radiance, tone, and smoothness, according to study results published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Researchers assessed the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of the multi‐ingredient antiaging face moisturizer (DEJ face cream®) in an open-label clinical study. They evaluated women who used the moisturizer for 2 weeks, received a radiofrequency microneedling procedure, and then used the moisturizer again for another 4 weeks. Clinical evaluations using the Glogau Wrinkle Scale, full‐face global skin attributes, and tolerability assessments were performed at each visit, and patient evaluations were completed at the final visit to assess procedure satisfaction. Data and pictures were collected at baseline, week 2, week 4, and week 6.

Of the 15 study participants, the average age was 51, with a Fitzpatrick skin type I-IV and mild to moderate wrinkles. The median Glogau score improved most significantly from week 4 to week 6 (P =.0293 between baseline and week 6). In skin attribute changes from baseline to week 6, 80% of the participants saw a 4-fold improvement in radiance (overall improvement in radiance P =.0005); 73% saw a 12-fold improvement in tone (overall improvement in tone P =.001); 87% saw a 7-fold improvement in skin visual smoothness (overall improvement in skin visual smoothness P =.0002); 87% saw a 7-fold improvement in skin texture (overall improvement in skin texture P =.0002); 73% saw a 4-fold improvement in redness (overall improvement in redness P =.0195); and 27% of patients achieved the best score associated with dryness at visit 4 compared with none and visit 1 (P =.0024). In all, 67% of patients saw a 6-fold improvement in overall appearance (overall improvement in appearance P =.0020).

After radiofrequency microneedling, erythema and edema increased significantly (P =.0002 and P =.0313, respectively), and while edema was completely resolved by week 4, one patient still had erythema at week 6. At the last visit, patient evaluation scores improved the most in overall improvement, brightness, texture, pigmentation, redness, and tightness, and 60% would recommend this procedure to family and friends. 

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Future studies should incorporate a placebo or control arm and evaluate if radiofrequency microneedling is effective on its own or if the multi‐ingredient antiaging face moisturizer combination is necessary.

“It is unclear at this point whether the contribution of efficacy parameters is due to RF microneedling in combination with this multi-ingredient antiaging moisturizer or due to RF microneedling alone,” the authors said, noting that this would need to be the subject of future research.

Disclosure: This study was sponsored by Revision Skincare.

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