Multiple Erythematous, Scaly Plaques

Case 1

A 38-year-old man presents to the clinic complaining of numerous pruritic lesions on his right lower extremity. He claims that all of the lesions appeared within the past 3 months. He denies similar occurrence and reports no history of skin conditions, although he states that his mother often breaks out in a “rash” on her limbs during the summer months. On examination, several scaly, round, erythematous plaques with keratinic centers are noted on his anterior right leg. Biopsy is performed, revealing cornoid lamella and a thin epithelium.

Can you diagnose the condition in Case 1?

A. Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis 
B. Actinic keratosis
C. Darier disease  
D. Hereditary punctate keratoderma

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This article originally appeared on Clinical Advisor