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General Dermatology

Widespread Erythematous Rash

By Sirus Jesudasen, BS; Joan Fernandez, BA; Christopher Rizk, MD January 08, 2019

In Case 1, a 24-year-old man presents to his primary care physician with complaints of new-onset sore throat and fatigue. In Case 2, a 50-year-old man presents to an urgent care clinic complaining of a fast-developing pruritic rash after being stung by a wasp.

Case Studies

Case Study: Asymptomatic Hyperpigmented Plaques

By Jay Patel, BS; Joan Fernandez, BS; Christopher Rizk, MD October 29, 2018

A patient presents with asymptomatic hyperpigmented plaques on the neck and upper trunk that have persisted for several weeks despite rigorous scrubbing with soap and water.

Case Studies

Case Report: Unusual Combined Merkel, Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Situ

By Fasiha Syed, BS, German Treyger, DO, Chelsea Duggan, DO, Stephen Olsen, MD, Steven Grekin, DO August 16, 2018

Investigators report a rare case of combined Merkel cell and squamous cell carcinoma confined almost exclusively to the epidermis.

Case Studies

Case Study: Gradually Progressive Rash After URI

By April 19, 2018

A 33-year-old man presents to the emergency department for 6 small spots on his chest, arms, and legs that gradually grew in diameter after using a topical cream and cephalexin.

Case Studies

Clinical Challenge: Cutaneous Textural Changes on the Neck of a Middle-Aged Woman

By , Compiled by Kristin Richardson January 31, 2018

Physical examination revealed several grouped, yellow papules with a cobblestone appearance on the right lateral aspect of the neck.

General Dermatology

Nonblanching Rash and Diarrhea: What's the Diagnosis?

By January 19, 2018

A 60-year-old man with a history of gastroesophageal reflux disease presents to the emergency department with 2 to 3 days of fever, nonbloody diarrhea, and a worsening nonpruritic rash. Can you make the diagnosis?

Case Studies

Clinical Challenge: Erythematous, Scaly Papules and Diffuse, Hypopigmented Macules in a Child

By Marisa Wolff, MD; Compiled by Kristin Richardson November 30, 2017

A 6-year-old girl presented to the dermatology clinic for the evaluation of a diffuse, pruritic eruption of 3 years' duration.

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