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Advanced Melanoma May Benefit From Encorafenib, Binimetinib Combination


The FDA accepted a New Drug Application to support the combination of the MEK inhibitor, binimetinib, and the BRAF inhibitor, encorafenib, for treating patients with BRAF-mutated unresectable or metastatic melanoma.

The relative risk for healthcare-associated infections has decreased in the last 15 years due to improvements in awareness of risk associated with devices, infection control, and evidence-based practice regarding use of devices.

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Specific Oral Bacteria May Reduce Risk for Squamous Cell Carcinoma

By January 17, 2018

The findings may have implications for cancer prevention.

Skin Cancer

Risk for Basal, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Linked to Hydrochlorothiazide

January 11, 2018

Hydrochlorothiazide use is associated with an increased risk of non-melanoma skin cancer, with evidence of a dose-response relationship.

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Surgery for Squamous Cell Carcinoma Reduced With Fluorouracil Cream

January 10, 2018

Fluorouracil application can reduce the risk of surgery for squamous cell carcinoma for 1 year among patients with a history of keratinocyte carcinomas.

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Laser Therapy Improves QOL in Radiation-Induced Breast Telangiectasia

January 09, 2018

Laser monotherapy improves health-related quality of life in female patients with radiation-induced breast telangiectasias.

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Subset of Metastatic Melanoma Patients May Be Cured With Pembrolizumab

By January 08, 2018

Pembrolizumab leads to a durable complete response with low rates of relapse — even 2 years after discontinuation — and may cure a subset of patients with metastatic melanoma.

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FDA Approves Nivolumab as Adjuvant Treatment for Metastatic Melanoma

By January 04, 2018

The FDA has approved an adjuvant treatment for patients with melanoma with lymph node involvement or metastatic disease who have undergone complete resection.

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Distinct Pattern of Shiny White Streaks Highly Specific for Melanoma Diagnosis

By December 21, 2017

Patients presenting with lesions with shiny white streaks on dermoscopy should undergo biopsy for possible melanoma.

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Photodynamic Therapy Safe, Effective for Actinic Keratoses

By December 18, 2017

Over 90% of patients and clinicians would consider using photodynamic therapy again if needed.

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Diligent Skin Cancer Screenings May Help Manage Squamous Cell Carcinoma Risk in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

By December 12, 2017

Transplant recipients developed squamous cell carcinomas that did not appear to behave more aggressively than those that developed in the immunocompetent group.

Skin Cancer

Melatonin Derivatives May Have Antitumor Properties in Melanoma

By December 12, 2017

Researchers examined the changes in levels of different proteins in cancer cell lines after treatment with melatonin analogues