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Improved Neck, Décolletage Lines With Ultrasound, Diluted Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Microfocused ultrasound with visualization and diluted calcium hydroxylapatite improves moderate-to-severe lines on the neck and/or décolletage.

Swelling, Infection Common After Injectable Fillers

After identifying the most common side effects of injectable fillers, researchers found that most cases of adverse events stemmed from cheeks and lip injections.

Once-Daily Combination Treatment Effective for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Once-daily capsules containing a combination of minoxidil and spironolactone appear to be safe and effective for the treatment of female pattern hair loss.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Fillers Linked to Good Long-Term Outcomes for Periorbital Fillings

Hyaluronic acid gel fillers of the periorbital region are well tolerated over 5 years of follow-up.

Surgeons May Be Overprescribing Narcotics After Rhinoplasty

Patients use a mean of 8.7 of the initially prescribed 20 to 30 hydrocodone-acetaminophen combination tablets after rhinoplasty surgery.

FDA Issues Warning Against the Use of Injectable Silicone for Body Enhancement


Injectable silicone is not approved for body enhancement use and can cause serious complications, including scarring and permanent disfigurement, embolism, stroke, and death.

Mixed Melasma Effectively Treated With Laser Alone or With Modified Jessner's Peel

Patients received 6 sessions of laser on the left side of the face and alternating laser and modified Jessner's on the right side.

Atrophic Facial Scar Treatment Outcomes Improved With Condensed Nanofat, Fat Grafts


Outcomes were measured using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale to measure both aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Significant Skin Tightening Achieved With Immediate Wound Closure After Laser

The researchers found that all treated and control sites healed within a week, without scarring evident at 28 days. At 28 days there was significant shrinkage with laser treatment combined with compressive wound closure compared with untreated control sites.

Reticular Vein Sclerotherapy Improved With Polidocanol Plus Hypertonic Glucose


A study evaluated whether the addition of polidocanol to hypertonic glucose improved the treatment of lower limb reticular veins.

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